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Enlightenment(s) October 21, 2010

Filed under: Week 12 — mithahatta @ 7:09 pm

Good sites about designing for the web


7 Key Principles That Make a Web Design Look Good by Webdesigner Depot
Viewed at 13:00 pm on 18/10/2010

As a total new comer in web designing, I found this site was really effective. I was totally clueless until I saw this site and tried it out on Dreaweaver. It provides the sum of the elements makes a design look good and informs what makes or breaks a wen design.


Web Design 101 by
Viewed at 5:35 pm on 18/10/2010

This is a basic reading about designing a web. It provides us a general knowledge about the essential guide in web designing


CSS Font Size by Kyle Schaeffer
Viewed at 11:20 am on 21/10/2010

When I found this site, I thought it would be really beneficial to share it to everyone because before we can design a great web page we need to know some basics that are used in the software; Dreamweaver.



Good Tutorials for Web Production


10 Tutorials for your navigation menu by Web Design Ledger
Viewed at 2.30 pm on 8/10/2010

It was the perfect timing when I was looking for tutorial about how to create a horizontal/vertical navigation bar, and I finally found this brilliant site that provides some tutorials to enhance my website’s navigation and menus.


How to Embed Sound or Video to Your Webpage by
Viewed at 9:15 am on 19/10/2010

This is an exquisite video tutorial about how to attach .mp3, .mov, and .wmv files to your website both by
embedding and linking the files. This would be very helpful once I might need to attach some of those files onto my web design – sometime in the future.


How to Use a Lightbox2 by
Viewed at 11.22pm on 15/10/2010

The simplest and easiest way to create a Lightbox.


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